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An Epic Marketplace that Eclipses Conventional eCommerce!

Sponsored Show Promoters Enjoy PResence And Branded Relevance

Unimerce was developed by an experienced team of professionals who are experts in show promotion, fine arts, merchandising, interior design and software.



Can Unimerce Help You?


Show Promoters & Venue Operators

Enhance your visibility and popularity through free show sponsorship.


Increase Sales! Harness role-based pricing and the "Sell it NOW" feature to maximize multi-channel exposure and revenue. Unleash Distribution!

Designer & Licensed Business/Trade Buyer

Discover unique products that provide instant profit opportunities and revenue privacy using our sell it now feature.

Bulk/Industrial Buyers

Unimerce mirrors real-world supply-chain pricing guidelines. You can buy from manufacturers and resell to retailers, capitalizing on instant mark-up and paypal profit earnings.


Transcend time and place…stay connected with global trends and conquer prized possessions using a trusted source.

Unimerce prevents disruption of existing distributor relationships and fosters eCommerce unity and collaboration. Unimerce provides filtered access to global inventories and partners with Paypal to process a supply-chain transaction that serves multiple interests


Featured Shows Covered


Show Promoters...

A directory listing champions your exhibitions and elevates your brand.

The Unimerce Solution

Directory listing...crowd appeal...brand awareness...join now!

Show Promoters

Get sponsored shows that "pop", exhibitors that shine and brand recognition.

Show Promoters

Sponsored shows with mass appeal, star exhibitors and precision branding.